Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Different Purposes of Using Hero Images on eCommerce Websites

There are millions of different eCommerce stores available that are in different businesses. One thing which you can see common in all stores and templates is a large featured image or a series of images which prominently displayed on the homepage.
Also referred as carousel and banner images, hero images play a very significant role for online businesses i.e. attracting and engaging customers. A beautiful, big, and sexy image on an eCommerce store makes the entire site look beautiful. And buyers love beautiful and sexy sites. If they fail in alluring customers, you will need to work hard to catch the attention of the users on your online store. Continue reading this blog to know some of the benefits of using hero images in an online store.
Different Purposes of Using Hero Images in Online Store
Different online stores may have different purposes for creating hero images. Some of the common goals of using hero images are as follow:
       To Enhance the Brand Image and Create a Story
One of the key purposes of using hero images in an online store is to create a strong brand image. A beautiful presentation of unique and sexy hero image on the home page is usually what that attracts users and compels them to spend some time on your website. If you are looking for a unique way to grab the attention of a large number of potential users and let them know about your brand there is surely no better options available than hero images. It is advised to start and feature only key information in order to educate visitors while narrating your brand story.
       To Answer Customer’s Queries
Using hero images is also a wonderful way to answer the most common query of a lot of people in an attractive manner. This could be either related to your most common objection or to answer the most time-sensitive questions which your users might have related to your products or services.
       To Make an Announcement
A lot of website owners prefer to use hero images on their website to let visitors know about the latest launch. Using a big, bold, and attractive hero image on the homepage is one of the best options to display new product or service launch since it will be reached by a lot of visitors.
       To Highlight Brand’s Value Proposition
Using hero images can also be a great option to highlight brand’s value proposition. Your value proposition explains exactly what your users should expect or look for. And what will be other options available than telling your brand proposition on the home page where most of the visitor usually lands when exploring your website?
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