Wednesday, 5 December 2018

How to Design a Website Footer to Increase ROI?

Today, almost everyone knows the importance of having a website. A website is needed by small to even large corporation today to reach a large number of customers. As a website matters a lot in increasing the popularity and productivity of the businesses these days, a lot of web designers in Cork give detailed consideration on every aspect that can help in increasing ROI.

When talking about boosting ROI of a website, you need to look for all possible ways that can keep your customers engaged and increase ROI as high as possible. The beauty of website design is that there are many elements which you can configure and optimize to increase ROI. One of those elements is the footer. Often ignored footer too plays an important role in boosting conversion and driving sales. Continue reading this blog to know some of the tips and tricks that web designers in Cork utilize to design footer that drives sales and traffic.
  • Know What You Want to Accomplish
Before designing footer, you must ask a few questions to yourself like what you really want to achieve from the footer? Do you want to use it to give an additional layer of navigation option to the user or just use it as a secondary call to action? Do you want to design footer for brand promotion or just fulfilling other needs? Having a clear idea is very important to create a footer that not only look elegant but also works for your business.
  • Include Your Must Have
The web designers in Cork can help you in identifying your must have, when designing a website. A lot of people have usually no idea about what to include in the footer so there is no wrong to take the help of professionals to identify your must have.

Online marketing is very risky not only for the audience but for businesses these days. You need to include a number of disclosures like privacy policy, terms of use, copyright issue, and much more to build trust and protect your business. You can use them to add a little color to your footer section. Using multilayer footer is one of the best options to incorporate these elements beautifully on your website.
  • Mirror Your Primary Call to Action
Apart from deciding what you want to accomplish, web designers in Cork work with you to understand what do you want from your website. Do you want a website to create brand awareness or just want to use as a medium to sell your products or services? They utilize that information to mirror your call to action.

There are some of the tricks and tips that web designers in Cork utilize to create a footer that helps in boosting ROI. If you too are considering hiring a professional web designer in Cork for designing your business website, you should look no further than

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